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News: Indie Showcase :: The home of The Indie Artists.
No.1 for Indie Artists.
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What a Trip! Goodbye's by Skys
[November 25, 2016, 08:01:13 PM]

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Indie Showcase :: The home of The Indie Artists.
No.1 for Indie Artists.
Indie Showcase was started in 2006 in response to a frustration we were hearing from Listeners and friends alike. They were tired of hearing the same music several times throughout the day on every channel known to man. They wanted the opportunity to hear what was waiting in the wings. We completely agreed. There are so many very talented Artists who do not have the chance to be heard on commercial radio stations. In all genres.
So, here we are. Indie Showcase was born. Indie Showcase consists of DJ's who give of their time and are located throughout the world. Our mandate is to bring Independent & Unsigned Artists from around the globe to the forefront of the music scene. We charge nothing to the Artist for airtime on Indie Showcase Shows.
We are partnered with, which we use to bring our Artists music to the listeners. is Proud to be supporting Indie & Unsigned Artists through Indie Showcase. The Station runs 24x7, through all time zones. We are an International Internet Radio Station. Our shows are live with live DJ's broadcasting Your music.

xx What a Trip! Goodbye's
November 25, 2016, 08:01:13 PM by Skys
Views: 148 | Comments: 0

Indie Showcase would like to thank Awesome Radio for supporting and joining us on the exciting road we travelled into the realms of new,
exciting music from Independent Artists over the last 10 years. It has been one heck of a journey!! We've met some wonderful people, made
some beautiful friendships and listened to the most exciting music there is to hear.

We would like to thank Sunni for supporting us and giving us an outlet to spread our wings and have fun doing it! You are the best partner
anyone could hope to have!

The Dj's who gave of their time for nothing but the joy of the music over the years, all who have come and gone. We love you all.

The tech's who taught us how to use all these programs, run our websites, (even though at times I'm sure you wanted to hang us by our
toenails lol). Helped set up Artists who joined us for shows and recorded podcasts. We would like to thank you for all that you've done for us on so many levels. You have been wonderful.

All the artists that trusted us to play their music, interview them and present them to the world to hear. My heart swells thinking about
you all. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your world for the last 10 years!

To the listeners who tuned in to every show, joined us in the chatroom and supported us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without you, the last 10 years would have been for nought.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Shashy for being brave enough to try something no one else was doing at the time . You are
one amazing woman. I only hope I can be half the woman you are someday.

Rogue, my partner in crime. Thank you for all your hard work. Keeping us up and running. Helping us with recording podcasts. Keeping the
website going. Creating Mozart for us. You are amazing!

They say all good things come to end and sadly, the time has come for ours. The last 10 years have been filled with joy, laughter, tears and
so much love. I have nothing but the best memories to take with me. We hope you do too.

We love you all!!
Skys and Rogue

What a hell of a ride!!! As you know Skys and myself couldn't have started Indie Showcase without the help and support of Sunni from She is an inspiration and is fearless for taking a chance on Indie Showcase.

Rogue / Rebecca heard our dreams and made them come true with countless hours of coding and designing one a kind programs. Thank you so much.

Much love and gratitude going to my beautiful daughter, to whom I leaned on so hard throughout the years. Thank you for your computer and grammar skills. Coz as all of you know, I am the word girl, but Skys made it make sense. lol Thank you for standing with me and fighting the good fight for Independent music. Thank you for your openness and guts for trying something new with me. I can still remember when you ran away when it looked like I was going to ask you to say something on air. LOL Look at how much you bloomed!! I admire you hon. I love you and am so proud.

My tears of gratitude for all the amazing Artists who have allowed us to sit through 2 and 3 hour interviews live and sharing their musical and personal journeys with our listeners. For allowing me to write reviews on their precious music. We will be forever grateful. Some of you Skys and myself had the honor of meeting live through our friends at Far West in California. You are all family in our hearts. To all the Artists we came to love over the years, it has been an honor to meet you all and play your music. It will carry with us for all the years to come.

Finally, the most heart breaking of all to write. To all the many DJ's who have came and gone over the years, who carried the torch for Independent Artists for Indie Showcase, Bless you. Thank you just doesn't do it because your commitment and love was bottomless. Your blood sweat and tears made us what we were. You all have so much to be proud of. What an accomplishment! What a feat !! You are all loved and respected. Thank you so much.

Yours in the music
Wendy Shashona McCall  (aka Shashona)

lamp Listening on Windows 10
August 15, 2015, 05:30:27 AM by Rebecca
Views: 4423 | Comments: 1

There seems to be alot of issues for people being able to tune is using windows 10...
I don't think there will be any quick fixes on re-coding the windows player plug-in which we use, so that you can listen from here...

However you can use the TuneIn Radio App for Windows 10...

The link to get it is at  and it is FREE...

Once you have it installed these instructions should work as they are for the app used for iPad and iPhone...

Goto My Presets
Then Select Add new custom URL
Then add
Then  Double Tap on the Custom Stream
When it goes to the main page you can add it to your Favorites. Its the Heart icon at the Top Right.

As I don't have Windows 10 I am unable to check to see if this is right but it should be close...

The direct link to Awesome Radio using TuneIn is

For your Listening Pleasure,

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