Guide to Insuring, Buying and Maintaining Monumental Memorials

That all-important until the emotions have eased decision about which type of headstone would make the memorial is deferred.

Guide to Insuring, Buying and Maintaining Monumental Memorials

Memorial and Monumental Masons

With this in mind and only once you believe the time is correct, we recommend that you commission a memorial mason who’s part of the National Association of Memorial Masons thus avoiding heartache and potential disappointment. NAMM affiliates are bound by the Code of Working and Business Practice and will guarantee stability, the quality and fitting of the product. They are also sympathetic and trained people who can assist you making your experience.

Kinds of Monumental Memorials

Popular and durable Materials used for memorials include: marble, high gloss granite especially black or gray, slate and more today, natural, local rock. Designs may vary According to range from style and final resting area churchyard cremation tablets and gravestones formal plaques to unconventional, memorials that are fashioned and bespoke. Personalized headstones with pictures, pictures and meaningful personal tributes on children’s gravestones are also an increasing trend.

Timescale for Monumental Memorials

From receipt of order to completion, headstones take weeks or even months to create, based on the access to the materials, the sort of gravestone needed and the complexity of the design and inscription. It can before the status of the ground is firm enough to correct the memorial set up, take up six months or more.

Memorial Gravestone Inscriptions

Discuss the layout and Design of the inscription with the letter carver to make sure that there is not any misunderstanding regarding your requirements. Check then check again the proof copy of this inscription for mistakes in the wording, spelling and dates. Always confirm any alterations in writing.Do bear in Mind that all Civic Memorials need to be submitted to the Burial Authority that is applicable to ensure that the wording is neither offensive nor contrary to any regulations in place and that the content is appropriate. This submission will be made by the memorial mason.


Stone masons will Request a deposit before memorial masonry is started when you put the order for the headstone, upon conclusion with payment in full. Read the small print.

Monumental Memorial Insurance and Maintenance Schemes

When ordering the Memorial masonry, you might wish to take into account the possibility of buying a package including maintenance and memorial insurance.For peace of mind strongly advise that you take out an insurance coverage Vandalism, theft or damage. Insurance cover will be included by some masons in the headstone’s expense. Either way, it is important that the cover takes Effect from the date when the memorial is put in site.