Top Quality of Solutions of Internet protocol television

IPTV QOS is a subject that has become a complicated problem for numerous services, let’s clear it up. Quality of Solution, being something brand-new often makes individuals instantly consider using preexisting measurement strategies. This standard starting point for QOS measurement is where a lot of the complication is created.

Similarly that when companies started relocating from Analogue to digital program signals, the natural tendency of the existing engineers was to wish to measure the new digital signal by converting it back to analogue and then utilizing their existing equipment. Internet Protocol QOS has caused a great deal of the exact same approach, wherein designers with a network history want to measure network data, and also designers with a video clip background intend to determine video clip statistics. The former network designers can happily take their measurements from the existing network framework, yet get no sensation wherefore packets on the network connect to what video clip signals. The video clip individuals intend to transform the IPTV signal back into its electronic video format converting it from IP to Video Clip, which actually misses the point that all you are actually learning is how well the transforming gadget jobs a piece of test equipment will not be comparable to the method a STB collection top box would decipher the signal. Thus, you have two separate approaches to the same problem neither of which is really excellent.

Now, there IS a location for existing test tools network test equipment is great for data web traffic as it constantly was, and also Carry Stream electronic video clip analyzers are excellent at your Headed where the video content originates in order to verify that the video into your IPTV network was excellent, so it is not time to throw it away, it is just not the ideal device for Internet protocol TV QOS.

With those remarks out of the way we can move on it is hard to relocate when you still have one foot in your old attitude. Relying on that you are, you could very well be worried about simply one part of an IPTV system or the whole system, so we will damage it into the core issue and what that suggests at each place in the network we will appoint the network 4 examination factors:

  • Head End
  • Core Network
  • Network Side
  • Consumer Home