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Car documents required for selling a car

If you’re thinking about selling your automobile, you’ll want to create a positive first impact on potential purchasers by presenting it in the eyes of the general public. Before selling an automobile, there are several paperwork that must be maintained on hand. It is the best way to sell car in singapore. Let’s take a look at some of the documentation you’ll need for your automobile.

Registration certificate

The registration certificate often referred to as the RC, is documentation that your car is licensed with the government. This is not only required for a four-wheeler but it also has similar importance for a two-wheeler.

You must have it free of flaws, misprints, and misspelled words to switch rights of ownership. In the event that your RC is stolen or missing, you must make a police report. You could, however, request for a duplicated RC by filling out RTO Application twenty-six.


Whereas insurance coverage is not required when selling an automobile, it is required when transferring the automobile from one individual to the other. Since we all understand, insurance is required for everyone driving a vehicle on public roads.

Insurance is important for more than just complying with the law. Insurance is necessary not only to comply with the law but also to protect damage to vehicles and compensate for accident damages. You must provide insurance coverage because the individual or firm purchasing your automobile would provide you with a better deal. Or you will get a very less price.