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Author Topic: MT Robison And The Messengers - Live Review  (Read 1966 times)
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« on: March 06, 2012, 06:58:21 PM »

                                                    Mt Robison and The Messengers
                                                       Album - Live Demo 2011

Location: Riverside California USA

Genre: Blues, Rock and Southern Rock

MT Robison and The Messengers Band Members:
MT Robison - Lead vocals and guitar
Mark Shrader - Guitar and vocals
Steve Shrader - Bass and vocals
Mitchell Arganda - Drums

MT Robison And The Messengers Live Demo Track List:
  1- Big Bad Wolf
  2 - Room 518
  3 - Sweet Crazy
  4 - Voodoo Strut
  5 - Dirty Little Secret
  6 - Lonely Ana
  7 - Paper Dolls
  8 - Sinners Flame
  9 - In L.A.
10 - Roadhouse Queen
11 - Grace

Well, clearly, it was time to kick some butt and take no prisoners. Mt Robison & The Messengers have stepped it up a notch with their latest "Live" album. This is a knock out.
Hard hitting rock and some with a blues/southern rock feel. It will have you on the edge of your seat. MT Robison's vocals are raw, sexy and demand your attention. No invites necessary, you will be swooning in no time! Mark and Steve do an amazing job on harmony bringing MT to an all time high.

This is music to the ears of any rocker! Mt Robison and The Messengers absolutely reign supreme with this electric guitar and drum driven masterpiece! The instrumentation is off the wall, bringing the listener back to ravenous infectious rock with a fresh new twist. This is exactly what we have come to know in days gone by and so missed. MT Robison and The Messengers - Live Demo gives the listener 11 tracks to nourish the true rockers soul. And we thought we heard it all! Well done !

I know you think the lyrics are not the first priority in a rock album, but I have to say this "Live Demo" has some of the greatest lyrics. Full bodied and concise, these are tight. Interesting and addictive melodies seal the deal! Mt Robison and The Messengers stretch and grow with each album, with each live gig. This is a classic case of a band who hones each members musical skills to perfection. Mt Robison is like the pied piper, charismatic and magnetic! He has the ability and gift to capture the moment with his strong vocals and sexy style. Hear him once and your hooked.

The three tracks from MT Robison's Live Demo I have set aside are:

1 - Voodoo Strut  *track 4*
Voodoo Strut  has all the qualities of a song that will last for years to come. From excellent lyrics to a bad ass beat. This guitar lead track featuring MT Robison's sensuous vocal, has got to be the big winner! Man is this addictive! It has a blues/rock feel that will be ringing in your head for hours! Believe me, you are going to be singin' "Strut" !

2 - Big Bad Wolf  *Track 1*
This track is brilliant! Great beat, amazing vocals that are earthy and rich! MT Robison certainly has our attention with this exceptional raw rock sound spilling over speakers with absolute joy! Ultimate rock to dance to! His lyrics did me in! Listen to that instrumentation! Love the guitar and drum solo as well as the harmonica. I'm in heaven! Great job on the back vocals as well guys.

3 -  Dirty Little Secret  *Track 5*
This sexy track will raise your eyebrows! Wow! It's earthy and sensuous to the extreme. The Messengers kick it down with exceptional instrumentation to back MT Robison's gritty vocal style. Great job on the back vocals. This will have you in the "MT Zone" in a flash of lightning!  

Honorable mention goes to
Lonely Ana  * Track 6*  which shows MT Robison & The Messengers tender side. Lyrics are sublime. This track had me in tears, they reach in and touch your heart effortlessly. Mt Robison has turned his voice into an arrow with your heart as the target. The messengers nail the instrumentation and back vocals with finesse. This band can do it all baby!

Grace  *track 11*
Brilliant opening with a guitar solo blossoming into a rich blues/rock track with a full bodied beat. The lyrics are endearing and well written. Instrumentation is tight! Another excellent guitar solo brings tears to the eye! Mt Robison has us in the palm of his hand. He has the heart of a marathon runner! It ain't over till the last listener is hooked. Baby, we are hooked. MT Robison melts us with his cutting edge vocal style.

As you can see by my review, I love this band. MT Robison and The Messengers are the real deal! From start to finish, they give their all. Sharing with us, the listeners, some of the most fabulous talent and music to date. This is "THE" album to have in your musical library. Don't miss out! Listen to the depth and grit of this album, you will see why we are hooked. MT Robison & The Messengers are all that and more. Jump in, the waters hot baby!

That's how I see it

Yours in the music
Shashona McCall
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« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2012, 08:18:21 PM »

What a great review of my awesome friend MT Robison and fellow band members, Steve Shrader, Mark Shrader, & Mitchell Arganda.  I have been following this band for quite a few years and have been to California many times since we became friends.  The growth I have seen is most stellar, and each and every time I go I see the stardom increasing. 

The harmonizing in their vocals has become just amazing.  Their instrumentals have grown exponentially.  The addition of MT playing the harmonica just adds so much to the band.  The growth of Mitchell behind the drums is awesome.  The band plays off each other and you can definitely see how awesome they have become.

Both CD's are just awesome and shows how they have grown from "Promise" thru, "Live Demo 2011".  I have been fornunate enough to go and see the band on CD release night.

They continue to add new music, and in the background is a suprise that is growing and will give the band another look.  MT continues to write new music at a brisk rate.

They play at many venues in California that keeps the crowds returning for more music, packing many places and playing to crowds that beg for more.

I will be returning to California in July where MT & The Messengers will be playing for the 5th Annual Inland Empire Rock for The Cure at Romanos Concert-Lounge on 14 July 2012, where all porceeds go to the American Cancer Society.  The show will definitely sell out.

I am so very proud to be associated with MT the Man, and the entire band and extended family.

Looking so forward to MT Robison & The Messengers next show on Indie Showcase, I'll be there in the chat room and so hope to be joined by many more.

John Breckenridge
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