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Author Topic: Elizabeth Geyer - The Dream review  (Read 2323 times)
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« on: April 29, 2012, 11:30:39 PM »

                                                        Elizabeth Geyer - The Dream

Official Websites:

Location: Australia

Album: The Dream

Band Members:
Elizabeth Geyer - Vocals, Piano and Flugelhorn
Tony King - All Other Instruments
Hamish Stuart - Drums on "Welcome To My Movie"

The Dream Play List:
  1 - Until I've Shown You Paris
  2 - My Kind Of Angel
  3 - Same World Different Eyes
  4 - You Carry Me Home
  5 - The Dream
  6 - Sympathy Deep
  7 - My Song Of Spring
  8 - How Many Lives
  9 - Welcome To My Movie
 10 - First Love

Australia's own Elizabeth Geyer is turning heads and greying the stark lines of genre with ease. Her award winning album called "The Dream" has been bringing listeners in by droves. Listeners  who would not ordinarily have given Jazz or even Cross Over Jazz a second glance. This remarkably gifted Lady has all the trademarks of a star on the rise. Elizabeth Geyer, a stunning composer, songwriter and vocalist, also plays piano, trumpet and flugelhorn. She is a dynamic songwriter who holds her audience in her delicate hand from the first note till the last.

Elizabeth Geyer's "The Dream" is absolutely addictive. The entire album is well thought out and flows smoothly, literally charming the listener. Elizabeth Geyer's strong lyrics are heart felt, imaginative and very well constructed. This clearly is a lady who has honed her skills to a fine edge. I loved the production, mixing and mastering on this album. It is perfection and allows Elizabeth Geyer's beautiful vocals to shine in its purest form.

I would be remiss not to mention the exceptional instrumentation presented on "The Dream" album. This is possibly one the best albums I have had the pleasure to listen to this year. The instrumentation is truly magnificent.  Elizabeth Geyer and Tony King are breathtaking and of course Hamish Stuart is brilliant on drums for the "Welcome To My Movie" track. Together, they have created something very special here.

Elizabeth Geyer has the innate ability to dissect a feeling or emotion, then put words to it, thereby connecting with each and every listener. No small feat indeed. These collection of songs found on "The Dream" will certainly stand the test of time. Each one is a stand alone success. Beautifully done Elizabeth Geyer!

The three tracks I have singled out for this review are:
1 - Sympathy Deep
This song touched my heart. It is exceptionally written and orchestrated. The gorgeous instruments used showcase Elizabeth Geyer's addictive vocal. This track will leave you with goose pimples on your arm. Elizabeth Geyer has nailed this track with strong lyrics matching her beautiful voice. One of my favorites!

2 - The Dream {Title Track}
This is a gorgeous song with strong lyrics and a great story line. Elizabeth Geyer does a splendid job on Piano, giving this track a sensuous feel. Instrumentation is fabulous. This song has a simplistic feel yet blooms into a full bodied and orchestrated piece. Elizabeth Geyer slides in harmonies which gives a smooth polished sound.

3 - First Love
I have to say "First Love" held my attention hard and fast. Not only is the instrumentation superb, but the lyrics will melt the heart of the coldest person with a heartbeat. This song is performed to perfection by Elizabeth Geyer. Her powerful, rich vocal and melody will haunt you.  Absolutely astounding!

Australia has much to be proud of but in my humble opinion, Elizabeth Geyer is its best National Treasure. Elizabeth Geyer - The Dream is a "must have" for your music library.
Much appreciation going to Elizabeth Geyer, Tony King and Hamish Stuart for creating this magnificent album. Grab your copy today! www.cdbaby.com/carthew  You will LOVE it.

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Angel_John - Indie Showcase Ambassador
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« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2012, 08:51:11 PM »

Elizabeth Geyer is truly a extremely gifted artist and as the review points out, "The Dream" is a stellar CD all 10 songs are 1st class.

I also have two other of her CD's, "On Patrol With The Jazz Police', and "Elizabeth Geyer" she is just amazing.  Her ability to play multiple instruments, write her own music,  and sing is truly a gift.

Her songs "First Love", "The Dream","You Carry Me Home", & "How Many Lives" are all awesome, but then so are her other six songs.

I Love the music of Elizabeth Geyer and believe in her as I am truly a fan of Elizabeth Geyer.

Stellar review you have written on Elizabeth, Shashona, my hat goes off to a most brillant review on Elizabeth, as You did a fantastic job Shashy!

John Breckenridge
Its all about getting the music out there!
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« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2012, 06:38:30 PM »

  Thanks so much John Elizabeth Geyer is amazing! xoxo

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