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Author Topic: George Hartline and The Harmless Doves - Down To The River Review  (Read 2562 times)
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« on: February 28, 2012, 08:21:14 PM »


                                                          George Hartline and The Harmless Doves
                                                                    Down To The River!/georgehartline

Location: Orange, California USA

Genre:  Rock, Indie, Roots and Jam

Album: Down To The River

George Hartline and The Harmless Doves Band lineup:

George Hartline
Steve Denning
Paul Bouyear
Zach Pagter
Karli McEntee
Jason Hensley
Tim Cully

Down To The River track list:

1 - Down To The River
2 - Pardon Line
3 - Sell You Something
4 - You've Been Everywhere
5 - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
6 - I'm Movin On
7 - Summer

George Hartline and The Harmless Doves are kickin' it with their very first album called "Down To The River". What an unmitigated success. "Down To The River" is one of those albums you will still be listening to 20 years from now. Timeless rock with a fringe. George Hartline never ceases to amaze us. Just when you think you know who he is, he evolves, adds new depth and a whole band. It's no secret, George Hartline & The Harmless Doves are tops in my book. They have a pure talent and grace. I am loving the vibe that comes through on this album. And lets face it, they haven't been together that long. This is their first album together and it's this good... where will George Hartline & The Harmless Doves end up? "Down To The River" is a great mix of melodies, tempo's, instrumentation and let's not even mention the brilliant vocals. (Thanks George)

George Hartline is well known for his singer/songwriter solo days. I have admired his natural ability in songwriting for some time now. This album is filled with lyrics that are exceptionally written. Listen carefully and you will be on the receiving end of some great life stories. Impressive actually.  

I am loving the instrumentation and vocals on this entire album. It is so fantastic to see Karli McEntee playing violin! George Hartline had me at hello! His voice radiates a fullness that will leave your cheeks red. Marvelous! George utilizes all the experience he has accumulated over the last few years and now with Harmless Doves at his side, there will be no stopping him. He transfixes and hypnotizes his listeners with his raw, sexy, addictive sound. I look forward to seeing George Hartline & The Harmless Doves as they stretch and grow together. If this album is any indication of the direction, I'm applying to be a roady.  And you heard that here babies.

Jason Hensley does a great job on vocals for "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" too, love it!  This album has a good mix of tempo's, keeping the listener interested and transfixed. Well thought out.

The production, mixing, mastering and engineering is brilliantly done on this album. Very smooth and polished, yet leaving George Hartline & The Harmless Doves in their purest state. And baby, that's how we like them. Excellent stuff.

The 3 tracks I have set aside are:

1 -  Pardon Line
Great opening on this song with a harmonica and solo voice. It quickly blooms into a full bodied song that reaches inside your belly. Instrumentation is perfection in motion. This is an absolutely gorgeous track. Love the lyrics and vocal. Harmonizing is fantastic. Raw yet polished. Man... This is really flash!! Pass the drool bib please. Love it.

2 - Sell You Something
Now this is a harder hitting track from "Down To The River". Vocals are made in heaven, packaged and thrown into the sexy body of George Hartline. Thank you! George lets go the inner rocker on this one. This is a well written piece of music and lyrics. Your gonna love it.

3 - You've Been Everywhere
This track is a delightful surprise. The vocal is immaculate and rich. He really nails this one, raw, with tempo's both soft then harder hitting. This shows his vocal range which I absolutely adore. Instrumentation is brilliant.

Honorable Mention goes to:

Everything's Gonna Be Alright.
This track caught my attention right away. Jason Hensley does the vocals on this one, his unique vocal style is strong and sexy. Instrumentation is excellent and the lyrics have a great story line. This is a great sound overall. Well done!

Down To The River:
This is the title track for the album. It is an exceptional song with strong instrumentation. George Hartline brings it all to the table in vocals. This is a catchy song that will imbed itself in your memory banks, travelling with you for days as you go about your daily business.  Notice Karli McEntee playing some mean fiddle, blending beautifully with guitars and drums on this upbeat track. This is a whole new face for rock and I'm lovin' it!

George Hartline and The Harmless Doves really are on to something brilliant here. "Down To The River" is a fantastic album. A classic rock feel that will remind you just how great it was to have a strong lead singer. This band is going to fly baby. Strap your boots tight, come along for the ride! Grab your "Down To The River" album today!

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Yours in the music
Shashona McCall
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