Some general information you need to know about Vanilla visa gift cards

Summary: When you received a Vanilla visa gift card from someone you have lots of questions in your mind to be answered. Here are some questions that you may want to know about your card.

These cards are actually helpful

Most of the people buy credit cards and are unable to pay all the debts they have created while buying unnecessary stuff. But the prepaid cards are pretty helpful. You will be able to use it as per your requirement and of course you will spend less than what you have! So here are some general questions that people have on their mind while buying a prepaid card and while using the card as well. So, read on.

Gift Card Balance

How many denominations are available?

So these cards are available in different denominations. You need to choose the one you want to spend right now. There’s no obligation that you need to go for the highest denominations! Check the website and you will get to know the available denominations on the type of card you have chosen.

How to activate the card?

Activating these cards are the easiest job. During your first payment, the cashier of the store will activate it for you. You just need to make sure that your signature is present on the back of the card where it is needed. If your signature is not there, the card will not be activated. You can put the card number on the back and the customer number along with it. If you lose your card, this will help you to locate it.

How to pay with the card?

While paying for something you have bought, you just need to present your Vanilla prepaid card at the payment counter. The amount will be deducted automatically. It is recommended that after some purchases you should check your card balance. If your card balance comes down the amount of the product you are going to buy, you can club it with another payment option.

Does the card have a pin number?

The biggest problem is that if your card is lost or stolen and you haven’t reported that to the customer service, anyone else can use it as well. The card doesn’t require a pin or something. So whoever possesses it, can use the whole balance as per his wish! So when you have your card with you, just be a little more careful.

How to check the balance?

If you wonder how to check vanilla visa gift card balance, it is very easy. You just need to contact the customer care service number available to you. Check the account balance and the recorded voice will help you to know your account balance. You can simply go to the website of the company, put your card number there and you will be able to know the card balance easily.

What if the card expires?

If you see that the expiry dates are coming close, you should definitely check vanilla visa gift card balance. If you have some money left in the card, contact the customer care service and they will replace your existing card with another new card with extended expiry dates.